ChromaLuxe HD Panels

White Gloss

  • By far the most popular and dramatic of our finishes, the White Gloss is an excellent finish for any subject, especially landscape or nature images, flowers, sports action photos, cars, water, etc. Because the dyes are infused into the thick clear coating and not on the surface, prints have a beautiful super high gloss finish. Rich vibrant colors glow on this unique surface.

White Semi-Gloss  

  • A great satin look that offers the color brilliance and punch of the full gloss but with reduced reflection.

White Matte

  • For portrait work, weddings or anytime surface reflection is a concern, the White Matte finish is a wise choice. This surface provides a rich, smooth finish where colors can come alive in a more subtle way than the gloss.

Additional Note: White Gloss  surface is also available on MDF panels.

Clear Gloss
  • The same coating but without the white base, allowing the natural silver of the aluminium to shine through. It is a special effect that works really well with high contrast black and white images, and images with strong colours and a fair amount of white area.

Clear Semi-Gloss

  • Similar to the clear gloss base with a 70% Gloss base surface that reduces reflection. The silver base shows through in white areas of the image.


Clear Matte

  • A similar effect to the clear gloss base, but the matt surface avoids reflection. Suits images with strong colours that won't be lost on the silver base.